Our services

At our core, we strive to provide top-tier consulting services to the UN system to promote efficiency, optimization and simplification. We offer purpose driven work within the SDG 2030 framework and we are guided by UN ethics, principles and legal standards.

UNAA works under a cost-recovery model and leverages UN2UN agreements to facilitate transfers of resources from one UN entity to another to carry out activities.

Promoting Inter-Agency Collaboration across nine areas of expertise

The UNAA offers a comprehensive range of management consulting-style services to support the UN in becoming more efficient and innovative. Its diverse team has substantial experience in the UN/NGO and top-tier global management consulting. Collaboration can be offered as full team support managed by the UNAA or as one or more resources managed by the interested agency. 

The UNAA promotes inter-agency collaboration through nine areas of expertise, these services include:

Strategy development

Drive strategy definition based on best practices and organizational objectives

Perform business case analyses to validate hypothesis and ensure processes are aligned with strategy

Advanced data analytics

Perform data collection, validation, cleaning, and insights

Utilize data to generate insights and enable organization to strengthen informed based decisions

Agile transformation

Identify change initiatives, plan implementation, and prepare for change

Drive implementation of initiatives, closely working with all stakeholders

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Digital Solution design

Define solution into actionable initiatives to maximize impact

Drive transformation to deliver immediate value while building capabilities and adapting

Project management

Promote Results Delivery Office (RDO) structure and process to drive project results with on-time delivery

Ensure prioritization is in line with strategic objectives

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Define and measure efficiency

Monitor progress to ensure desired changes are achieved over time

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Cost management

Breakdown and categorize costs to understand key drivers and identify optimization opportunities

Identify drivers to create sustainable cost benefits and align expenditure with strategic priorities

Organizational realignment

Assess organizational strengths and weaknesses to align on design principles and shape organizational design

Define operating model and identify capabilities required to deliver new operating model

Operational excellence

Understand complexities, key pain points, and inefficiencies in processes across teams/ organizations

Create process maps and understand responsibilities to simplify process and increase effectiveness

What we do
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WFP/Paul Guenther
Share experience

We leverage experience from colleagues who have implemented transformational initiatives across the UN and private sector.

Thought leadership
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Leverage expertise

We tap into expertise from thought leaders outside the UN system.

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WFP/Emanuel Feruzi
Identify opportunities

We identify collaboration partners and kick off new initiatives.